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Capturing the magic: one artist's journey

Hello, hello and welcome to my blog site at Kathy Nettles Art. I'm so very delighted and thrilled that you've joined me on my discovery of the love for painting and of trying to capture in a 2d form the magical 3d world around us. In case you've just stumbled upon this page and this website - here's a bit of background for you.

I was ok at art at school, but not in the 'arty groups' and was never developed or encouraged to continue so I left believing I was not 'artistic'. Fast forward 3 decades and in the summer of 2017 I developed a burning desire to paint, to create images and to try to capture the magic that is all around us and within us. So my journey began.

I signed up for a few one day or two day courses in a variety of artistic medium and interests and fell in love. A very dear friend of mine had warned me this would happen, I didn't believe her at the time! and I'm glad I didn't listen.

I had a fun day painting with Patrick Gamble, a wonderful man and artist, a stupendous week working in Port Isaac on one of Ashley Hansen's courses - the most generous man, and such a talented 'abstract' artist. Then a few days on a course at the Newlyn School of Art (more about them later!) with Amanda Hoskins, it's with her, on this course that I fell in love with art journalling and painting outside in all weathers.

So I humbly offer up to you, on the collection pages, some of the work I have created so far. You will see there are a variety of 'styles' I am flirting with at the moment, and there will be more to come I'm sure before I find my own indivdual style. But I am having such a great time exploring and playing and I encourage everyone to have a go. You don't need much equipment although it is great to gather all the equipment you can afford, and you don't need to know what you are doing (I can promise you that). You just need to see, really really see what is around you. That's enough for now, thank you, thank you for being part of this exploration.

More blogs to follow; Styles - do you need one? Tools of the trade. Abstract or abstracted work, and more. Oh yes, and a regular blog post about my time at the Newlyn School of Art - yup! I'm going back to school.