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Frosty morning on the moors MFS30.04 close up.jpg

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary
Celebrating 30 years of care.

Best friend_edited.jpg


As a supporter of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary for many years, even jumping out of a plane to fund raise for them!  I thought a much less frightening way to help celebrate their 30th anniversary would be to create a beautiful herd of 30 paintings.  The aim is to show the special relationship that is possible between horse and human and the magnificence of these wonderful creatures.  

The paintings include some of the charity's horses, my own horses, and paintings that represent all horses, but are of no one particular animal.

Some of these special paintings can be purchased prior to the exhibition in July 2023.   If possible the painting will be shown at the exhibition and then shipped to the purchaser.  If you wish to receive the painting prior to the event it will be shipped and a print hung in its place at the exhibition.

This is a fundraising project in aid of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, I am not representing the charity and a proportion  (45%) of the sale of each of the paintings will benefit the charity.

Paintings, when not based from my own sketches and photographs are inspired by photographs taken by Horse & Dog photographer Fiona Crawford, or Artist Reference photographer Karen Broemmelsick

Best friend_edited.jpg

No: 1 Winter on Dartmoor

Oil and cold wax medium on cradled board. 

Full of texture and subtle colour inspired by frosty mornings on Dartmoor.

Frosty morning on the moors MFS30.04.jpg

No: 3 Winter Sunlight - SOLD

Layers of textured oil and cold wax produce this abstracted image of two greys in winter.  Breath steaming in the air on a frosty morning.

Winter Sunlight.jpg

No: 5 Greys come in many colours

Such a sweet pony!

The Blue Mare.jpg

No: 2 Moorland Pony

Impasto oil and cold wax medium on linen. Wanting to 'feel' the horse I used my hands to create this painting.

Moorland Pony.jpg

No: 4 Reflections

Refreshment on a warm summer's day.


No: 6 Moorland, winter morning

A still, cold morning on the moor brings such beauty.

Winter on the Moor.jpg

No: 7 Best Friend

Horses can comfort when nothing else does. Oil on canvas.

Best friend.jpg

No: 9 The bond - SOLD

The bond between human and horse can be extraordinary. Oil and cold wax medium on paper.


No: 11 Pony on a winter moorland

Layers and layers of oils and mixed media capture this shaggy pony enjoying the winter sunshine.


No: 8 Big Heart

Horses are so powerful, and their hearts are so big and trusting.  We owe it to them to repay that trust. Oil on canvas.

Big Heart.jpg

No: 10 Xantus

Oil and cold wax on paper. 


No: 12 Freedom!

Layers upon layers of colour create this deeply textured painting.  


No: 13  Protector

Is the horse protecting her or is she protecting him?  Gold, old pink, russet colour bring an intense glow to this oil and mixed media painting on cradled board.


No: 15  Sunday Stroll ~ SOLD

On a beautiful day, there's not a lot better than going for a stroll with a friend. 

Quiet stroll.jpg

No: 17  Time for tea!

No 1: This small series of artwork, within the series of 30, is a whimsical and colourful collection of small oil paintings. Every painting captures a unique moment in time and invites the viewer to explore a world of vibrant colour and playful imagery. Sure to add a burst of colour to any home. 

Time for Tea!.jpg

No: 14 Beautiful friendship

Coppers, green golds and ochres create a serene feeling to this affectionate greeting between Pops and Olly, two of the sanctuary ponies.

Pops and Olly.jpg

No: 16 Before the storm arrives

Storm clouds gather over the moors but Billy and his friend are still enjoying the sunshine.

Moorland walk with Billy.jpg

No: 18  The adventure begins

No 2: This painting features a soft and gentle colour palette, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere. It portrays two travelling companions, standing in a lush green meadow with a beautiful blue sky above them. The scene is painted in oil on board. The amount of texture in the painting is sure to draw attention, making it a great conversation piece. It is a beautiful piece that will bring a touch of serenity to any home or office.

An adventure begins.jpg

No: 19  Story time

Mother's love..jpg

No: 21  Sir Didymus and Ludo

Sir Didymus and Ludo  12x16.jpg

No: 23 Chesney

Chesney  16x12.jpg

No: 20  Ice Queen

Ice Queen.jpg

No: 22  Cheeky!


No: 24 More to follow.... keep checking in!

me & bready.jpg
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