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The Mare & Foal Sanctuary
Celebrating 30 years of care.

Best friend_edited.jpg


As a supporter of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary for many years, even jumping out of a plane to fund raise for them!  I thought a much less frightening way to help celebrate their 30th anniversary would be to create a beautiful herd of 30 paintings.  The aim is to show the special relationship that is possible between horse and human and the magnificence of these wonderful creatures.  

The paintings include some of the charity's horses, my own horses, and paintings that represent all horses, but are of no one particular animal.

Wow! what a great evening at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary's Coombe Park.  The Art Exhibition Event was such fun, and I loved meeting so many supporters of this wonderful charity, and so many art lovers who delighted in seeing such a unique space being utilised as a 'gallery'.  I know many of you are at home measuring up to see if your favourite artwork will fit on the wall - don't wait too long!  

This was a fundraising project in aid of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, I am not representing the charity.

Paintings, when not based from my own sketches and photographs, are inspired by photographs taken by Horse & Dog photographer Fiona Crawford, or Artist Reference photographer Karen Broemmelsick

Best friend_edited.jpg

This highly textured oil and mixed media painting captures the solitary beauty of a pony in a moorland winter. The atmospheric work captures the muted colors of a winter landscape, with the pony standing against the rolling hills. The work is finished with a textured finish, giving it a unique and interesting look. It is sure to captivate the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Frosty morning on the moors MFS30.04.jpg

No: 3 Winter Sunlight - SOLD

Layers of textured oil and cold wax produce this abstracted image of two greys in winter.  Breath steaming in the air on a frosty morning.


Winter Sunlight.jpg

This captivating painting of a sweet grey pony nibbling grass is a perfect addition to any room.  With skillful use of colour, the grey pony shines in a peaceful atmosphere. This painting will bring a sense of serenity and joy to any home.

The Blue Mare.jpg

IThis beautiful painting of a Moorland Pony is painted with subtle harmonious colours that bring the subject to life. The artwork is created using an impasto technique, with the artist using her hands rather than tools to create the texture. This painting is sympathetically framed and ready to hang, a stunning addition to any room.

Moorland Pony.jpg

This Reflections painting is a gentle scene of a pony quietly drinking from a tranquil pond. Its softness is achieved through the use of blues, greys and soft orange to create a quiet, stillness to the scene. The use of the reflections in the water create a sense of depth and movement. This beautiful painting would make a stunning centrepiece in any room.


This oil and mixed media painting of a Moorland winter morning captures the beauty of the natural surroundings. Three equine companions are lit by a beautiful sunrise, adding a unique and captivating atmosphere. Unusual colours add depth and interest to the painting, creating an ethereal and tranquil scene. This painting is perfect for bringing a sense of calm to any home.

Winter on the Moor.jpg

No: 7 Best Friend

This large mixed media painting on canvas captures the special friendship between a girl and her horse. The bright yellow and blue pops of color offset the muted browns and russets, help to convey the strong emotional bond between the two. This painting is a reminder of the power of friendship and love.

Best friend.jpg

No: 9 The bond - SOLD

The bond between human and horse can be extraordinary. Oil and cold wax medium on paper.


This painting of a friendly pony in a winter moorland landscape is an abstracted work of art. Highly textured with oil and wax, it is a reminder of nature's tranquil beauty. The colours used are subtle and muted, to evoke a sense of peace and calmness. This painting will bring a touch of the countryside to any home or office.


This painting is a unique mixed media piece. The image of the horse is only just contained within the canvas, it conveys the extraordinary beauty of these majestic creatures. The blended oil and acrylic paints create a work of art that is sure to be an eye-catching conversation piece. The vibrant colors and textures of this painting will bring a touch of nature and life into any room.

Big Heart.jpg

 This painting of Xantus captures the trust between horse and human. The piece is saturated with the warmth of sunlight, featuring a blend of blues and creams. Highly textured with oil and mixed media on paper, it is framed and ready to hang. A perfect addition to any art lover's collection.


No: 12 Freedom!  SOLD

The Freedom! painting features layers of paint and wax that provide a unique, textured feel. Its beautiful blend of purples, cool blues, and orange highlights captures the feeling of a horse running free. This painting brings a sense of joy and liberation that will bring life to any room.


This artwork features a young woman and her equine companion in a beautiful and atmospheric scene. The painting is created with oil and mixed media, with gold highlights that give the piece a luminous quality. It is a beautiful representation of the relationship between the two, and will be a captivating addition to any home.


No: 15  Sunday Stroll ~ SOLD

On a beautiful day, there's not a lot better than going for a stroll with a friend. 

Quiet stroll.jpg

No 1: This small series of artwork, within the series of 30, is a whimsical and colourful collection of small oil paintings. Every painting captures a unique moment in time and invites the viewer to explore a world of vibrant colour and playful imagery. Sure to add a burst of colour to any home. 

Time for Tea!.jpg

This painting captures the tender moment of friendship between two horses. It is an oil and mixed media piece, on cradled board, that comes to life with the use of warm golds and cool greens. The painting is perfect for any horse lover and it will bring a feeling of serenity and peace to any space.

Pops and Olly.jpg

No: 16 Before the storm arrives - SOLD

This oil on linen painting captures the stunning light and atmosphere of Dartmoor in the moments before a storm. The framed painting shows the rolling hills of the moorland bathed in the golden sunlight of the brief moments before the clouds move in. The painting invites the viewer to pause and appreciate the beauty of the landscape, and the moment of anticipation before the storm arrives.

Moorland walk with Billy.jpg

No 2: This painting features a soft and gentle colour palette, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Two travelling companions, stand in a lush green meadow with a beautiful blue sky above them. The scene is painted in oil and mixed media on cradled panel. The amount of texture in the painting is sure to draw attention, making it a great conversation piece. 

An adventure begins.jpg

No: 23 Chesney - SOLD

This oil and mixed media painting  of Chesney, one of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary ponies,  is sure to be a stunning addition to any room. The vibrant, colourful textured palette of reds and blue is very striking.

The small painting, one of a series
of four, is painted on a cradled panel and measures 16" x 12" (40.64 cm x 30.48) in size. It is the perfect piece for a modern art collector and/or equine enthusiast looking to bring some colour and life to their living space.

Chesney  16x12.jpg
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