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Frosty morning on the moors MFS30.04 close up.jpg

The Mare & Foal

Celebrating 30 years of care.

Best friend_edited.jpg


As a collaboration and to help celebrate the Mare and Foal Sanctuary's 30th anniversary I am creating 30 paintings.  They show the special relationship that is possible between horse and human and the magnificence of these wonderful creatures.  The paintings will include some of the charity's horses and my own horses. 

These special paintings can be purchased prior to the exhibition in April 2023.   If possible the painting will be shown at the exhibition and then shipped to the purchaser.  If you wish to receive the painting before April it will be shipped and a print hung in its place at the exhibition.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the paintings click on the image to be taken to the main gallery.  

Thank you!

Best friend_edited.jpg

No: 1 Winter on Dartmoor

Oil and cold wax medium on cradled board. 

Full of texture and subtle colour inspired by frosty mornings on Dartmoor.

Frosty morning on the moors MFS30.04.jpg

No: 3 Winter Sunlight - Sold

Layers of textured oil and cold wax produce this abstracted image of two greys in winter.  Breath steaming in the air on a frosty morning.

Winter Sunlight.jpg

No: 5 Greys come in many colours

Such a sweet pony!

The Blue Mare.jpg

No: 2 Moorland Pony

Impasto oil and cold wax medium on linen. Wanting to 'feel' the horse I used my hands to create this painting.

Moorland Pony.jpg

No: 4 Reflections

Refreshment on a warm summer's day.


No: 6 Moorland, winter morning

A still, cold morning on the moor brings such beauty.

Winter on the Moor.jpg

No: 7 Best Friend

Horses can comfort when nothing else does. Oil on canvas.

Best friend.jpg

No: 9 The bond

The bond between human and horse can be extraordinary. Oil and cold wax medium on paper.


No: 11

Keep checking back in for the rest of the herd.

me & bready.jpg

No: 8 Big Heart

Horses are so powerful, and their hearts are so big and trusting.  We owe it to them to repay that trust. Oil on canvas.

Big Heart.jpg

No: 10

Oil and cold wax on paper. 


No: 12

Keep checking back in for the rest of the herd.

me & bready.jpg
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