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Greys come in many colours (Karma)

Greys come in many colours (Karma)


This captivating painting of a sweet grey pony nibbling grass is a perfect addition to any room.  With skillful use of colour, the grey pony shines in a peaceful atmosphere. This painting will bring a sense of serenity and joy to any home.


Oil and mixed media on cradled panel, ready to hang.  20" x 16" (50.8cm x 40.64cm)

  • The Mare and Foal 30

    As a collaboration and to celebrate the Mare and Foal Sanctuary's 30th anniversary I am creating 30 paintings.  They show the special relationship that is possible between horse and human and the magnificence of these wonderful creatures.  The paintings will include some of the charities horses and my own horses. 

    Some of these special paintings can be purchased prior to the exhibition in April 2023.   If possible the painting will be shown at the exhibition and then shipped to the purchaser.  If you wish to recieve the painting before April it will be shipped and a print hung in its place at the exhibition.

    Paintings, when not based from my own sketches and photographs are inspired by photographs taken by Fiona Crawford, or Karen Broemmelsick

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