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Abstract Art: Order Amongst the Chaos

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hhmm, have you ever looked at a piece of abstract artwork and thought any of these; 'my three year old could do this', 'I remember an online video about an ape learning to paint... it was better than this', 'Nope, just don't get it' or perhaps you're more of this mind 'Wow, the colours, the subtle marks and changes in brush strokes', 'Gosh, that reminds me of lying in a field of grasses and flowers when I was a child - the freedom I had then', 'Oh my goodness, I don't know how 'just' colours and shapes can have such an emotional impact' 'Now that would look spectacular on my bedroom/living room/study wall'. #abstractart #thoughtsaboutart

I'm hoping your more of the 'wow', in a good way type of person when coming across abstract art. I know it can be confusing, and often the sense of confusion is created by the emotions that it can create. But how does it create such feelings, negative and positive? A lot of work has been done about colour theory, about the primal mind and our relationships with shapes and images. From our primitive ancestors staring into the fires, or up at the stars or the shapes of the trees we create places, people, faces and stories. Perhaps abstract art takes us far back to those days when we first tried to make sense of the world around us. As babies and young children, unless we are very unlucky, we see colours and shapes before we make sense of our world, maybe the emotions a glorious abstract artwork stirs inside us take us back to that sense of exploration, the freedom of unknowing, maybe an uneasy space for many that's true. #primitiveart #explorationsincolour #wallart #newdirections

Don't misunderstand me I love representational and figurative art, and I find it extraordinarily relaxing and calming to create but more and more of my art, my fascination and my way to explore and share feelings, emotions and to capture moments in time brings me back to the abstraction, to the abstract.

I'll explore more of these thoughts and ideas, and my artwork with you in my next blog, but I'd love to have your ideas and thoughts around abstract artwork. #shareyourthoughts #ponderings #purchaseabstractart

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