Do you long for the sea? or does the forest call to your soul? Take a look.

River Otter
Mounted Oil, 55 x 45cm. £120
Standing stone
Framed & mounted, 43 x 34.5cm. £150
Spring in the orchard
Oil on canvas, unframed. 50.5 x 40cm. £250
Summer in the orchard
Oil on canvas, unframed. 50.5 x 40cm. £250
Bude, early autumn
Unframed oi on canvas, 60.5 x 60.5cm. £300
Misty day at Sennen
Mounted oil painting, 43 x 43cm. £200
Hartland, blue study
Mixed media on canvas, framed, £300
Mixed media, framed & mounted. 52 x 40cm. £220
abstract sea & rocks.jpg
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Our animal friends

The world would be poorer without our animal companions, from chucks to wild birds, feline friends and canine cuties, they brighten our lives. Take a look.

Sleeping Cat.
Mounted Giclee Print. £55
Quiet autumn morning
Oil on canvas. 24"x24". £250
The Breakfast Bar.
Mounted Giclee Print. £55
Solitary horse
Mounted oil. 35 x 35cm. £60
'Wonder Cob'
Framed & mounted, 34.5 x 34.5cm. £150
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Something a little different!

From the slightly abstracted to the downright metaphorical, have a browse amongst the unusual.

Tea pot & apples 2018.
Oil on board. Framed, £80
The Old Friends.  Mounted Giclee Prints.
Lemons Framed and mounted oil on paper 3
Carmen of Bregenz
Mixed media (acrylic and gold leaf) on canvas, 60.5 x 60.5cm. £200
Mounted Oil. £60
Daisies II
Mounted oil. £60
Daisies III
Mounted Oil. £60
Roses are Red
Mounted OIl. £50
Port Isaac
Framed & mounted canvas, 58 x 48cm. £280
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